Why does government need to buy more land?

Posted: Sunday, August 27, 2000

Government never has too much money or too much land. Now the land they want may be your own. Unless you've been following C.A.R.A. (Conservation and Reinvestment Act -- also known as the Land Grab Bill -- you may not know that the House passed a bill which, if it clears the Senate, gives government (federal, state and local) over $1 billion annually to acquire private property. Inholders (we who are surrounded by government lands) are specifically targeted .

Will someone please tell me why the government needs more land? It already owns 43 percent of the country! It can't be because they are better stewards. Remember who burned Los Alamos? The National Park Service. And where does the litter pile up? Compare Disneyland with any public park you can name. Private ownership is almost always superior.

There is a much deeper issue here than environmental concerns. The more money and property government has, the more mischief it can make and the less freedom we the people have. As John Adams said, the balance of power follows the balance of property.

Please call Sens. Stevens and Murkowski at 202-224-3121 before Sept. 6. For more information, check out www.newsmax.com or www.landrights.org.

Dana Thynes


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