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Posted: Sunday, August 27, 2000

I'm an Alaskan of 50 years. I feel grateful to this country for what it has meant to me and I'm distressed at the words that come from our legislators in Washington and from our governor. They don't speak for me. Mr. Carter does; Mr. Andrus does. I want ANWR protected. I want our land treated right. Cruise lines, helicopter flights, industrial tourism are destroying our country. It's very painful. I'd like representatives who fight back for the land.

Judging by the insulting letter to President Carter that Tony Knowles published, it is obvious that Alaska's governor wants to limit the right of free speech to those who agree with his policies.

Gov. Knowles embarrassed Alaska and Alaskans with his response to President Carter's visit. It's one thing to disagree with President Carter on issues including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, but to act like a school kid in response to the president's visit was very embarrassing. Gov. Knowles should be ashamed of himself for treating former President Jimmy Carter like that.

Kudos to Gov. Knowles for picking Glenn Godfrey as our new public safety director. He's a wonderful man and Alaska is a better place for Gov. Knowles picking him.

Ecological hysteria, helicopter noise, tourists on city buses, charter boat fishermen, downtown congestion and parking, road out of Juneau -- all are subjects for the Juneau whiners. All of these things taken together don't impact me as much as the commercial crab and commercial salmon fishermen.

I think it's wrong that the Empire puts out a newspaper with more support toward one community over another for this upcoming election. I think that equality needs to be spread throughout the coverage of the election. I hope the Empire does all it can to see this happens.

The households in Juneau are already paying Waste Management a monthly fee to come pick up our weekly trash and now you're saying we'll pay another fee for the privilege of delivering our trash to Waste Management?

To all the people complaining about cracks in the windshield and blaming it on the construction, if you wouldn't tailgate the car in front of you the rocks wouldn't kick up on to your windshield. It's not the contractor's fault.

To the party who was looking for live football games on TV, the easiest solution is Direct TV, satellite TV. You get four times the television for half the cost and you can get live games.

In response to the call about not voting in a church and the separation of church and state, you can vote in any polling place. It would just be a questioned ballot and it should not prevent her from voting. Please vote.

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