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Posted: Monday, August 27, 2001

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Bears in the trash, bears in the shed, bears eating the dog door. I guess they cause a lot of problems. But what about the people's kids who are harassing bears? Chasing them, throwing sticks at them and I even saw them pulling out sling shots. It's just a matter of time until one of them gets hurt. I live at Churchill Park and I see the kids do it on a daily basis. No matter what you tell them, they continue to do it. Please parents, have a talk with your kids about harassing the bears.

Don Campbell

I noticed an article in the Sunday newspaper title "Doggie bag use on the rise." I found this article interesting in that the man in the photograph appears to be wearing natural rubber latex gloves while he is wrapping up somebody's leftover sandwich.

As someone who is allergic to latex and knows that for approximately 17 percent of the population this is a life-threatening allergy, I am concerned to see food service workers putting themselves at risk. There's absolutely no reason for food service workers to wear rubber gloves. There's clear vinyl gloves that protect them and protect the people they are feeding. Please notice this and if you employ people who work with food, don't subject them to this needless risk.

Donna Meiners

Thanks to the Empire for the thoughtful editorial in the Sunday's newspaper. This community does need to be concerned about our image, our future economic viability and our ability to retain the capital. It is high time somebody pointed this out to the business community and got us thinking. Managed growth of our economy, in all sectors, is vital to Juneau's future as Alaska's capital city and the rest of the state is watching.

Kirby Day

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