IRV will pass

Posted: Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Is it $175,000 to install the software in the current system, or is it $1,750,000 to upgrade equipment and remaining equipment?

BTW, Louisiana already has IRV statewide for all state and congressional offices. So even though Alaska will pass it Tuesday, you were second. Especially since you do not have it for governor and lieutenant governor. It is only for our overseas absentee ballots, but for the honor of being first, I will lay claim to it for our state. Perhaps neither of us will be first as someone else like California will capture the full title. Who knows?

How do I know that Alaska voters will pass it? A majority of your population bears the cost of low voter turnout local runoff elections (Anchorage and Fairbanks.) This would save their cities the direct cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The voters themselves will save by being at work instead of going to the polls again. The real key for why it will pass is simple. Which do you think the majority of voters will do: protect their right of majority, or let it be cast away by somebody else? Pun intended, as this is the root of the terms, "cast away" and "cast your lot with them."

"Only a majority can protect, or cast away, the right to a majority."

Stuart Dixon

Metairie, La.

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