Say no to Gold Creek cruise docks

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, August 27, 2004

The Assembly Committee of the Whole met Wednesday on the long-simmering 2003 Long-Range Waterfront Plan.

Remember? They hired consultants, ran workshops, surveyed all Juneau? Then ... the schedule slipped. Why? Do they hope we forgot?

The consultant began in 2003 by saying that Docks & Harbors required "diversity of uses." So that survey result meant nothing. Good thing, because "diversity of uses" means "no zoning."

Great waterfront plans - like Daniel Burnham's Chicago plan - typically are a great planner's unified vision. "Diversity of uses" - and dividing Juneau's waterfront into six areas - is instead slapdash mish-mash. "Diversity of uses" means "anything anywhere."

Wednesday, the consultants proved their slap-dash intent, by arguing against hard rules about area A building height restrictions.

Workshop attendees said "no cruise ship docks at Gold Creek," area B. The consultant promised to follow workshops directions. But instead the consultant put on the survey three questions about Gold Creek cruise ship docks.

Juneauites replied "no" to each Gold Creek dock survey question. But Port Director John Stone months later still argued for Gold Creek cruise ship docks. At Wednesday's meeting, Waterfront Development Committee chair Jeannie Johnson postponed discussion of area B Plan changes.

Why? Why change now, after public workshop and survey? Why ignore what the people said? Why postpone Gold Creek discussions?

Say it ain't so, Jeannie. Say there will be no cruise ship docks at Gold Creek. Say CBJ/Docks & Harbors won't betray the public yet again. Say it ain't so.

Joe Sonneman


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