Try this before pitching pinks

Posted: Sunday, August 27, 2006

KENAI - With five children to feed, Ron Calliou of Kenai doesn't shy away from serving humpy. Following is a recipe he said will make just about any fish delicious.

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• Gut the fish and cut the tail and head off.

• Fill the fish with a stuffing similar to what is used to stuff a turkey.

• Smother the fish in Miracle Whip, wrap in aluminum foil and place it on a hot grill.

• When the fish is cooked, the flesh should be soft enough to allow you to grab the backbone with your fingers and pull it out with all of the fish's bones attached.

"It should come out without a problem, otherwise it's too early," Calliou said.

• Once the fish is cooked, the stuffing should be removed and discarded, he said. He said the purpose of the stuffing is to absorb oils from the fish, reducing the fishiness.

"The Miracle Whip locks in the flavor and adds to the taste," he said.

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