Police: Election day gunfight over woman

Posted: Sunday, August 27, 2006

ANCHORAGE - The election-day shooting outside Gov. Frank Murkowski's Anchorage campaign office was triggered by a dispute over a woman, according to police.

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Two brothers - Stafford Anderson, 23, and Treavonne Owens, 20 - are charged with assault and weapons misconduct in the midtown shooting Tuesday involving three cars.

Gunfire from two of the vehicles was directed to the third car when a stray bullet or bullet fragment struck a campaign volunteer standing outside, police said. The driver of the third vehicle, which was between the two other cars, fired back at the two pursuers.

Two of the men involved in the shooting were romantically entangled with the same woman, and both have children by her, according to police and relatives.

Owens and Anderson are accused of driving the outside vehicles and firing on the middle one, with driver Akeem Sulaiman, 21, and passenger DeShawne Phillips, 22, who was shot in the arm. Sulaiman and Phillips are brothers.

The four men are cousins by marriage and grew up together, relatives said.

The suspects' sister, Nischa Anderson, said the family has been working on a resolution for years.

"I'm sorry there's an innocent victim," she said of the injured campaign worker, Chris Allridge, 35, who also attended the court proceeding.

Allridge, who was released from Providence Alaska Medical Center hours after the shooting, said he wants to see justice done.

"I'm ticked off and I'm upset," Allridge said outside the courtroom. "It doesn't seem right that people can't walk down the streets of Anchorage without being hit by a bullet."

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