Don't assume kayak ramp ruined beach

Posted: Monday, August 27, 2007

This is in response to Wade Hoek's recent letter, "Kayak ramp is ruining Eagle Beach."

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What does the kayak ramp have to do with people camping at Eagle Beach? Hoek's letter didn't really say how he came to that conclusion. That campsite has been there for years and always has been trashy. I used to walk my dogs out there (way back when that was allowed) and would occasionally go into the campsite. There was furniture of sorts, a rope swing and lots of trash.

Maybe this letter isn't really in response to Hoek's letter but more of a rant on my part regarding the assumptions and generalizations that some Juneauites make. I walk my dogs twice a day on Juneau streets, but that doesn't make me an irresponsible dog owner who doesn't clean up after my pets.

My husband has a four-wheeler and a snowmobile, but that doesn't make him an irresponsible rider who trashes the trails and threatens hikers and skiers by trying to run them over.

People using that kayak ramp at Eagle Beach might be camping there also, but that doesn't necessarily make them the people leaving all the trash on the beach and cutting down trees.

In my opinion, if you make an accusation, it needs to be backed up by fact. If Hoek has more facts he should state them in his letter. I don't like Assumptions.

P.S. I am blond, but that doesn't make me dumb.

Janice Keen


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