Let me smoke inside a warm bar

Posted: Monday, August 27, 2007

This letter is in regards to the "No Smoking Policy."

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I feel that in order to enjoy a nice cigar and a warm beverage and a good conversation, it would take place in an establishment where people like us would congregate, such as a lounge or a bar. Now I feel that in order to have a good cigar, I'd have to stand outside in the freezing weather, shivering, probably getting wet, because the wind just howls around here. It's not going to be comfortable, even if people think you can adjust. Well, we live in Juneau, a semi-harsh environment with blizzard-like weather we had last year. Now I won't be able to enjoy a good cigar and a good conversation, because somebody came up with a goofy notion that they know what's best for me or other people for that matter.

I've been to some Lower 48 states and saw the outcome of the no smoking policy in some establishments. The littering was just so bad, and people were cranky, I can go on and on, but hopefully in time things well get back to normal.

If people choose to harm themselves buy smoking, that's their God-given right. We live in a landlocked community - don't take too many rights away from us.

Darell Braman


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