What kind of world do you want?

Posted: Wednesday, August 27, 2008

As an American, born and bred in the United States, I - along with most citizens of Western culture - have matured to recognize and address others of this world in either of two ways. I can initially be suspicious of another and require they earn my trust, or I can initially trust others until given cause to be suspicious.

What an education in this culture, accompanied with personal experience, has allowed me to mature into is an awareness that the unprovoked expectation of malice narrows future opportunity.

An initial expectation of goodwill from others assures boundless opportunity. Regardless of which side of this "coin" any of us may choose to live on, wouldn't we prefer the opportunity for "silver or gold" as opposed to the finality of "tin or lead" for our children?

Bush has been taking our country, my nation, down the tin/lead, fear-based, everyone-at-heart-is-malicious path. In November, John McCain hopes to capitalize on this base tin/lead, fight or flight, fear-driven animal impulse. Barack Obama is appealing to our faith in each other and the unborn. What kind of world do you want for your children?

John S. Sonin


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