Man fatally shoots charging musk ox

Posted: Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ANCHORAGE - Residents of a Kotzebue senior center are feasting on musk ox after the wild animal was fatally shot by a man it was charging.

Alaska State Troopers said 51-year-old Cyrus Harris of Kotzebue was at his remote camp about 12 miles from town when the lone bull musk ox went after three chained dogs in his sled-dog team. One of the dogs sustained minor injuries in the attack Sunday afternoon.

Wildlife trooper Eric Lorring said Harris managed to get the musk ox out of the dog lot, but then the 1,000-pound animal turned on him. Lorring said Harris shot the musk ox in self-defense.

Lorring flew to the site and helped butcher the dead animal. He said most of the meat was donated to the senior center.

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