Local growth
In 1943, Eleanor Roosevelt planted a victory garden at the White House, bringing back an idea first pursued during World War I. She encouraged citizens around the country to plant their own victory gardens, partly to help reduce the country's food needs during wartime, and also as a way to boost morale. She was successful: At their peak, victory gardens supplied more than 40 percent of the country's produce.

A date-movie that doesn't disappoint
T he trailer for "The Time Traveler's Wife" hooked me long ago. For crying out loud, every time I saw that preview, whether it was online or onscreen, I wound up crying out loud. I wish I were joking. There has not been a more obvious date-movie to come along in quite a while, unless you are on Sandra Bullock's bandwagon; she seems to have about four movies coming out in the next few months.

Alaska Robotics: A creative quartet
Sarah Asper-Smith, Lou Logan, Pat Race and Aaron Suring are four creative artists who have joined forces to make their unique mark on Juneau's art scene. With various specialties and overlapping interests, the members of this creative quartet each do their part to contribute to the collective in their own ways.

Juneau Student Symphony concert to feature Anderson
The Juneau Student Symphony will perform the music of Leroy Anderson in two concerts on Friday, Aug. 28, at noon at the State Office Building and 7 p.m. at Marine Park (rain or shine). The audience will enjoy familiar favorites like "The Waltzing Cat" with its meowing violins and clarinets and barking percussionists, "Bugler's Holiday," "The Typewriter" with a percussion solo on the typewriter, "Jazz Pizzicato" and "Jazz Legato," among others. The concert will conclude with an out-of-season performance of "Sleigh Ride" featuring Kit Peterson on solo vocals.

Presentation with Flip Nicklin at Hearthside Friday
Photographer Flip Nicklin will present a whale talk and slideshow Thursday August 27 at 7 p.m. at Hearthside Books in the Nugget Mall.

FILM Juneau contest announced
Local videographers and filmmakers take note: The FILM Juneau Contest, sponsored by the City and Borough of Juneau, the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council and the Juneau Economic Development Council, is now accepting entries of Juneau promotional videos.

CrossSound to bring world music to Juneau
For the next two weekends, CrossSound music festival will bring east-meets-west string music to Juneau.

Helping Hands to hold fundraiser Aug. 29
Helping Hands will hold a dinner and auction this Saturday to raise money to support their community food bank. The fundraiser will take place Saturday, Aug. 29 at the Valley Chapel at 9741 Mendenhall Loop Road. Dinner begins at 5 p.m., and the auction starts at 6 p.m. A $10 donation is requested.


School buses are heading for disaster
The school year is fast approaching and already the school bus system is plummeting into the abyss.

Health care reform needs options
It seems that negotiations for national health care reform are resulting in the elimination of options favored by many in the general public, instead being replaced by plans supported by the health care industry.

After the fire, community steps up
Tuesday will mark the three-month anniversary of the arson that devastated the Pink House - the Basin Road home of Ryan Stanley, his wife, Laura Hosey, and their 3-year-old daughter, Meadow Stanley. Tuesday, the remnants finally came down.

Quick action, luck save waterlogged archives
A disaster for the Alaska State Archives is in the process of being averted, in part due to a remarkable stroke of luck that helped archivists deal with a flood of water dousing historical records.

When it rains, it pours: Pelican problems grow
The collapse of the city of Pelican's water flume last week is the latest in a flood of bad news to hit this beleaguered fishing port.

Hundreds of kids missing vaccinations
Hundreds of children in Juneau do not meet new state requirements for chickenpox immunization, but a district official said they will not be turned away on the first day of school.

Juneau School District braces for flu season
Students in the Juneau school system will hear "cover your cough" and "wash your hands" a lot more this year as the district takes precautions against an expected tough flu season.

Scammers targeting classifieds customers
Avallon Gregg noticed a suspect $93 debit charge to PCS Inmate Calling Service on her fiancé's online bank statement Monday and knew something was amiss.

Photo: Puddle jumpers
Megan Moskito, left, and Gabbie Saldivar, both 16, take a short break from their jobs at Del Sol on South Franklin Street to make light of Juneau's rainfall Tuesday.

Cause of power outage unknown
A transmission line failure knocked out power in Juneau for about an hour Wednesday, and while utility crews have restored power they have yet to isolate the problem, said Gayle Wood, spokeswoman for Alaska Electric Light & Power.

Boozer-Parnell spot debuts today
Juneau-raised NBA star Carlos Boozer will appear in a television public service spot with Gov. Sean Parnell being unveiled at 8 a.m. today at the governor's Web site, http://gov.state.ak.us/, and live at East High School in Anchorage.

Photo: Place of reverence
Zach Watt, left, and Bynam Jackson look out on the calm waters of Lynn Canal on Wednesday from the Shrine of St. Therese. The pair were attending morning mass at the shrine.

Photo: Skimming the surface
Christian Jacobsen, left, goes airborne with his skimboard over a jump Wednesday at Sandy Beach. Cort Saviers looks on. The pair of Juneau-Douglas High School students were enjoying the last days of summer vacation.

Photo: Lucky break
Personnel from the U.S. Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Kodiak assist the Kodiak-based fishing vessel Hail Mary after the vessel ran aground and took on water near their starboard bow in Women's Bay. The incident happened on the shore of the the Coast Guard base, allowing the Coast Guard to respond quickly.

Around Town
Today, Aug. 26

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials did not release a daily bulletin by press time Tuesday. Police and fire reports will be published in Thursday's Juneau Empire.

Around Town
Thursday, Aug. 27

An A1 story in Tuesday's Juneau Empire about bed rest for homeless patients misstated who will be eligible for assistance under a proposed program. If approved by the city manager, it would help the homeless with a sickness that requires bed rest. The story also misstated who would provide volunteers to check on the sick. The agencies are St. Vincent de Paul and Home Health Nurses.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Barbara L. Blevins
Former Juneau resident Barbara L. Blevins, of Wonder Lake, Ill., died Aug. 22, 2009. She was 85.

Manuel M. Carillo
Juneau resident Manuel M. Carillo died Aug. 17, 2009, in Juneau. He was 61.

Frances Jean 'Jill' Jorgensen
Longtime Sitka resident Frances Jean "Jill" Jorgensen (Lunas) died Aug. 17, 2009, in Coos Bay, Ore., due to complications resulting from a car accident. She was 70.

Maritime museum needs Juneau's help
After reading Greg Fisk's Aug. 4 column, "Aged icebreaker would offset 'magic blingdom,'" and later Rep. Steven Lindsey's Aug. 6 column, "Juneau's tourist trap monoculture," I felt compelled to put in my two cents worth.

Empire editorial: A temporary solution
Juneau’s homeless and sick won’t be left out in the cold, at least not this month.

Outside editorial: The complexities and legacy of Ted Kennedy
Ted Kennedy was a man of great complexity and apparent contradictions.

Empire editorial: Parnell off to a good start
The Juneau Empire's relationship with Gov. Sarah Palin's office during the past year was tenuous at best, nonexistent at worst. So was the case for other Alaska newspapers, many of which put their discord in editorial form. It's with great relief we see that Gov. Sean Parnell is trying a different approach to dealing with the media: He's talking to us.

A tale of two photo-ops
Everyone has a "What I'm Doing in Alaska" story: I followed a job; I followed a guy/girl; I watched too much Discovery Channel; I crossed a land-bridge from Asia sometime between 60,000 and 50,000 B.C. Me, I'm here for the free hot dogs.

White House, food and children
Union Station in Washington is a hectic, noisy place. But one young girl's voice is rising above the clatter of Amtrak trains and subway cars dropping off congressional staffers headed for nearby Capitol Hill.

Celebrities in need of a Dr. No
You are one of the biggest stars there has ever been, a star so big the mere sight of you causes hysteria and stampedes, a star so big, other stars turn into gushing fanboys when they meet you.

Outside editorial: Effective health care begins in the home
In the debate over health-care reform, one elephant in the waiting room isn't being discussed. We have been told repeatedly that our health-care system is not only the most expensive in the world but one of the least efficient in meeting the health-care needs of the nation. So how do we solve these two problems? From my perspective as a physician, I would say we need to start by taking a hard look at the diseases we are doing such a bad job of controlling and at the individuals who suffer from them.

Mark Begich hosting climate-change tour
ANCHORAGE - Sen. Mark Begich says he'll host four other senators on a "climate change" tour this weekend in Alaska.

1st Stryker brigade returning to Alaska
FAIRBANKS - About 160 Fort Wainwright soldiers scheduled to return Tuesday are the advance party of the 1st Stryker brigade that has been in Iraq for nearly a year.

Pearl Harbor, Hickam to become a joint base
HONOLULU - Pearl Harbor and Hickam Air Force Base next door are due to become a single installation next year as the military strives to become more efficient.

Pilot hurt in small plane crash Tuesday
ANCHORAGE - A pilot suffered serious injuries, including two broken femurs, when his small plane crashed near Earthquake Park on Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport property.

Crawford says he'll challenge Young
ANCHORAGE - Alaska state Rep. Harry Crawford says he's going to try to unseat veteran Republican U.S. Rep. Don Young next fall.

No new oil stored near Mount Redoubt
KENAI - Kenai officials told residents at a town hall meeting that current plans call for no additional crude oil to be stored near Mount Redoubt.

Senators postpone climate change trip
ANCHORAGE - The funeral of U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy has halted plans for a trip to Alaska by five other senators.

Fairbanks ponders how to clear the air
FAIRBANKS - Many of the 70 people attending a Fairbanks Borough Air Pollution Control Commission meeting asked for more study before restrictions are imposed on wood- or coal-burning stoves.

3.8 quake reported in Yukon Territory
WHITEHORSE, Yukon Territory - An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 3.8 was reported in Canada's northern Yukon Territory.

Peltier singing again after cancer treatment
PALMER - The Alaska State Fair starts today and it opens with the comeback of Ken Peltier.

Man in slaying indicted on drug charges
ANCHORAGE - Federal drug charges have been filed against a man whose name surfaced in a high-profile killing outside an Anchorage sporting goods store.

Marine Parking Garage elevator back in service
JUNEAU - The non-express elevator in the downtown Marine Parking Garage is back in service. All floors are now accessible by elevator.

4 survive small plane crash near Anchorage
ANCHORAGE - Officials said four people have survived a small plane crash in a wooded area near Eklutna.

Hikers rescued after journey into the wild
ANCHORAGE - Two hikers have been rescued in the Alaska wilderness after visiting the bus made famous in the Sean Penn-directed movie "Into the Wild."

Off-duty cop arrests post office customer
ANCHORAGE - An off-duty Anchorage police officer arrested a woman accused of threatening to kill a postal worker because a package was late.

$478,000 to support program in Fairbanks
WASHINGTON - Attorney General Eric Holder announced that $478,869 in Recovery Act funds was awarded to an Alaska organization by the Office on Violence Against Women Recovery Act Transitional Housing Program. The funds are being awarded to the Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violence Living.

6 juvenile wolves found dead in Idaho
BOISE, Idaho - Idaho officials say six juvenile wolves were found decomposing on U.S. Forest Service land.

Noat runs aground on Coast Guard base
KODIAK - An Alaska fishing boat ran into trouble but found an opportune place to do so.

Crews to replace culvert in Petersburg
JUNEAU - Work crews began installing a replacement culvert in Petersburg Wednesday morning, the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities announced.

Gas pipeline projects to seek permits in '12
FAIRBANKS - Both the TransCanada and Denali natural gas pipeline projects expect to file for a federal permit in 2012.

Anchorage gay rights veto stands, for now
ANCHORAGE - Tuesday night's meeting was the first opportunity for the Anchorage Assembly to override the mayor's veto of a gay right's ordinance. It didn't.

Toyota Motor recalls 95,700 vehicles
TORRANCE, Calif. - Toyota Motor Corp. said Wednesday it is launching a recall of roughly 95,700 Toyota and Scion-brand vehicles in the United States due to a possible brake malfunction.

Setting the standard
JUNEAU - Thunder Mountain High School's inaugural volleyball season begins this weekend at the Ketchikan Jamboree, but don't expect them to act like a first-year team.

Groups seek Bristol Bay protection
ANCHORAGE - Trout Unlimited and nearly 300 other groups have asked the Interior secretary to undo the Bush administration's "wrong-headed decisions" and prevent the Bristol Bay watershed from being turned into an industrial mining site.

Ancient Native remains located near Kivalina
BARROW - Construction workers doing excavation for Kivalina's new wastewater treatment plant unearthed the skeletal remains of three people believed to be members of a tribal group that lived in Alaska more than 1,000 years ago.

Helpers roll into bike repair co-op
ANCHORAGE - On a recent rainy evening, Wendy Baker hauled her antiquated bicycle up a half-flight of stairs at the old Mat Maid building on Northern Lights Boulevard and pushed it through a maze of used bike parts and do-it-yourself bicycle mechanics. It was Baker's first visit to the Off the Chain bicycle shop and she just happened to arrive on "Ladies Night," when the shop's team of grease monkeys was mostly women.

Lawsuit presses for changes in judicial nominations
ANCHORAGE - A lawsuit claiming attorneys have too much say in choosing Alaska judges has been filed in federal court and is set for a hearing in September.

Nepotism code waived for fire chief
ANCHORAGE - The Anchorage Assembly approved a waiver to the city code that will allow Mark Hall to become fire chief even though he has two nephews in the department.

From beach rocks to stone art
KETCHIKAN - When people wander the shores of Southeast Alaska's many islands, most see a lot of rather plain rocks on the beach; Gary McWilliams sees art.

Bear deaths down on Russian, Kenai rivers
ANCHORAGE - Fish and wildlife managers say no bears have been killed in defense of life or property near the confluence of the Russian and Kenai rivers this summer.

Photo: You lookin' at me?
A gull and a young brown bear eye each other Aug. 15 on the bank of the Kenai River near its confluence with the Russian River near Cooper Landing. Both were taking a break from scavenging along the waterline.

Rat Island rid of namesake pest
WASHINGTON - After two centuries of an epic infestation, Alaska's Rat Island finally may merit a name change. The island, part of a national wildlife refuge in the sprawling Aleutian chain, appears to be pest-free for the first time since rats overran it after a Japanese sailing ship wrecked there in the late 1700s.

Historic cabin moved for study, protection
KENAI - The Watchman's Cabin on the northern side of the Kasilof River's mouth has seen a lot of residents and visitors in the last 120 or so years, and sadly not all of them have been kind to the endangered historic structure.

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