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Posted: Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Title and firm: Lisa Peterson is a partner with husband Erik Peterson and daughters Ashlee and Heather in Schooner's Espresso and Coffee House, which specializes in Raven's Brew blend coffee drinks.

Services: Peterson said the coffeehouse is still becoming what she hopes will be a haven for gen-Xers as well as local fishermen.

"We want to make this a destination place for older teens and college kids from UAS," she said, "But we are also dedicated to fishermen and Nascar race fans."

She said with the combination of extra strong yet sweet blended Raven's Brew coffee, special events for Nascar races on big screen TVs, comfy leather couches and Internet access, the coffeehouse will rival the hip hang-out on the television show "Friends."

In addition to lots of lattes, Peterson plans to debut the new colorful "pearl tea" line, Boba Nai Cha, just hitting the Lower 48, she said. The line is similar to the popular chai tea, a black tea blend out of Oregon, but comes filled with flavor beads such as mango, honey and honeydew. The beads not only add flavor but also change the drink's color.

Peterson said she and the partners plan to sell pieces from Contemporary Pottery out of California. She also hopes the coffeehouse will host an open mic night for poets, singers and musicians.

Quotable: "Resurrection coffee: Granny's gone but the coffee's on," is a quote hanging on the wall of Schooner's in a poster for Raven's Brew Coffee.

Background: Lisa and Erik Peterson have commercially fished for more than 20 years. Peterson said fishing in the early morning helped develop her love of coffee and the idea for the coffeehouse. The restaurant is named after the Peterson's 95-foot commercial halibut schooner. She also has worked as the marketing and promotional director for the Mendenhall Center for the past two years.

Family: Lisa and Erik Peterson were high school sweethearts and have been married for nearly 25 years. Their daughters are in high school. Peterson's mother, artist Tisket Seslar, does the graphics and posters for the coffeehouse.

Contact information: Schoon-er's Espresso and Coffee House is located at 9105 Mendenhall Mall Road, Suite 170. Peterson can be reached at 789-4424.

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