Discredited Democrat

Posted: Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Democrats in denial just won't admit that their soiled reputation could possibly be linked to any capital move issue. Recently Kim Metcalfe wrote that not more than a hundred people in Juneau would be in favor of a capital move. However, in 1994, more than 800 of her fellow Juneau residents did vote in favor of moving the capital - probably hoping that people like her would move with it. Perhaps plus or minus 700 percent is an acceptable margin of error at the Department of Labor, but when Metcalfe uses numbers like that, they just seem to have that smell of denial so peculiar to her voting district.

The point here is that regardless of issues like access, economics and environmental activism, resentment of Democrats (and thus Juneau) does in fact play in the capital move - whether Kim and her friends admit it or not. One of the many reasons Dems are so disliked is their penchant for electing leaders with less than sterling character. Bill Clinton has done them no favors in that category. And at the local level, our friends Powell and Kerttula couldn't manage to run a campaign for an area-wide Assembly seat without bending the rules so blatantly that even our toothless-by-design APOC had no choice but to fine them.

So, if Juneau Democrats hoping to keep the capital really want to send a message to the rest of the state (in order to counter the very real anti-Dem sentiment out there) they should encourage Jim Powell to do the following. First, publicly apologize for his actions that brought the APOC fine along with continued disgrace to his party and community; and second, withdraw from the current race for the area-wide assembly seat. I understand he has until Friday to withdraw and help bring a good name back to Juneau politics. Keep the capital - dump Powell.

John Bishop


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