Equal rights

Posted: Tuesday, August 28, 2001

I applaud Patrick McGonegal for speaking out on Native issues. In the "politically correct" atmosphere of today, Patrick runs the risk of being labeled a racist or anti-Native. This tactic generally works to silence all who might not agree with those Natives who are diligently working to enhance their position in our society.

I do not personally agree with Patrick's argument that those who choose to live where state and community services are not available should have subsistence rights. We are all citizens of this state and should have equal rights under the common law. Those who choose to live in the small communities or villages make that choice knowingly. Why should another segment of the citizenry (urban residents) give up some of their rights so that these individuals have superior rights to our fish and game? I believe the same argument extends to those born and raised in rural Alaska - they are educated at public expense and have the choice to remain in the rural setting or move to where employment opportunities exist.

Steve Bradford


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