Road will mute critics

Posted: Tuesday, August 28, 2001

My compliments to your mayor, Sally Smith, for urging continued progress for a road between Juneau and Skagway.

As an Anchorage resident and a fan of Juneau, it's heartening to see the city take a stand against the misguided position of the Knowles administration regarding a road to our state's capital.

There are some speculators and activists in Anchorage who will not rest until the state capital is packed up brick-by-brick and moved to southcentral Alaska.

However, Juneau enjoys a vast constituency of supporters who would welcome a road to our state capital. There are obvious benefits to a road. But the symbolic benefits are crucial in maintaining Juneau's position as Alaska's capital city.

A road would mute criticism that "I can't drive there" and the associated blather regarding "no access" to our legislators and state government officials.

For Juneau leaders like Mayor Smith to stand up and support a road is like a breath of fresh air from the Southeast. I hope it's the beginning of a renewed spirit to develop our lagging infrastructure and unite our state!

Scott McMurren


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