Words that echo

Posted: Wednesday, August 28, 2002

After reading the Empire's Aug. 18 editorial, I had to wonder how Don Smith knows so much about the corporate, operational integrity of Coeur? And of the Green's Creek operation and of plans for the proposed Kensington/Jualin operation? Where does he get all his amazing information, and incredible environmental sureness and confidence?

With the relative small amount that I'm able to glean from various environmental sources, there is rather strong indication for and a dire need of further reassessment, re-planning, reapplying and especially reincarnation from say, the likes of John Muir, to ensure a sound environmental corporate philosophy before anything near an operational start-up can happen.

And actually, to get it all really quite right for the wilderness-hungry future generations, it will quite likely and honestly mean not starting any operations in this priceless ecological location at all.

The echoes of Smith's words, ".... invisible from the water." And "... Berners Bay will not be harmed..." resound with the pure rhetoric of tinkling brass, and thuds from the steepest cliff with yet another meaning: Once approved and out of minds-eye, everything will be operational and A-OK.

But please wait. Aren't we really talking about multi-national corporate entities here? With urban corporate offices scattered strategically round the world? What does Berners Bay or Hawk Inlet really mean to such corporate giants? Other than being able to extract a rock's metallic-blood and at very good shareholder profits, too. And when it's all played out, to just move on to the next and then the next, truly pristine site.

But of course Smith with his beguiling words of hope, tries to assure us all, by telling us: "... there will be scant evidence that it ever existed."

Like those great Mayan ruins, resting there but over-grown with the mortal hope of green, gray alders.

Alan Munro


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