Better alternatives

Posted: Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Shame on whoever was responsible for killing the black bear in Douglas. Who has the right to decide that this bear should be shot to death? Did we the people in Douglas get to vote on this? No, we did not. I surely did not want, nor believe that this bear should have been killed. There were many alternatives that could have been acted upon before resorting to the extermination of this young bear.

Put yourself in the bear's paws. Wouldn't you be attracted to accessible edibles with your instinctive desire for food, too? This bear was not coming into the neighborhood during daylight hours terrorizing people or threatening anyone. It came silently through the dark of night. Frequently, it traveled through my backyard and twice I was thrilled to get a look at it before the neighbor's dog chased it away. I was hurt, angry and sad to learn about the sudden killing of this bear. The silence about my neighborhood and house now is witness to a grave injustice "to the bear who was marked for making an example of."

By whose logic and what logic? Think, oh man, if you were a bear, would you deserve to be shot to death because you were eating accessible garbage at night? Where was the due respect for right to life? I vote no to killing garbage-eating bears. There surely are better alternatives.

Roberta L. Hubbard


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