Asbestos isn't safe

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, August 28, 2005

I read your recent news article in which Rorie Watt of the city of Juneau asserted that there was no problem with asbestos from Stabler's Quarry. However, on Aug. 1, I noticed a large rock from Stabler's Quarry located near the entrance of the high school. I saw sheets of pure asbestos fibers literally flaking off of this rock, so I called Mr. Watt to advise him of the danger. He told me he was unconcerned since "asbestos is everywhere." I disagreed, so I scraped about a pound of asbestos off the rock into a plastic bag with my pocket knife and had it tested. I was shocked to learn that it was greater than 95 percent tremolite, which I hear is the most dangerous type of asbestos.

To put it in perspective, if a school custodian knowingly disposed of 1 percent asbestos material near this rock he would go to jail. I'm really concerned to think of what a mischievous teenage mind could conjure up with this clear and present danger lying in the school yard. The School District should remove this danger as soon as possible.

Robert A. Schenker


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