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Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, August 28, 2005

I've lived in Sitka most of my life and wish we had a place like the Glory Hole to share with the less fortunate neighbors we have.

Sitka doesn't seem to want to look at the homeless situation or the fact that the cost of living makes it impossible for a single person or a young couple to be able to make it here. Rentals are very expensive if they're available at all. The first and last month's deposit, damage deposit and hookup fees for lights, television and phone are through the roof. Groceries are expensive as well, and child care, gas and the list keeps going.

The downtown businesses in little towns generally mark up their merchandise anywhere from 100 percent to 500 percent. So instead of asking that the Glory Hole be moved from downtown Juneau, it would be kind to donate money to continue their existence.

Cayrn Coleman


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