For freedom, not oil

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, August 28, 2005

Whatever you do, don't compare Iraq to past dictatorships and monarchies of countries that have completely turned around. Because if you do that and force the anti-war folks to actually look at the big picture, they'll have nothing left to rant about.

When comparing the freedom that the European and Asian countries are able to experience because they were freed from tyranny to what the Taliban and Saddam's regime are doing to those in the Middle East, well, you can just kind of get the big picture.

Some people need a platform to speak and feel important about their lot in life. That's what this war has done for lots of college kids that are heavily influenced by MTV, Eminem and Hollywood. I understand - and I thank every soldier past and present - that people have that right. The way I see it, we're over there to make sure more people get the chance to speak their minds and follow their own beliefs, not what's forced on them.

Well, I know I've made some mistakes, some of them on grand scales. I know that President Bush and his administration have as well. That's life, and in his shoes, it has meant death as well. But I will never forget the feelings I had after 9/11, and I haven't forgotten the way Saddam taunted us with his threats of weapons of mass destruction or what he did to his own people.

I guess my biggest fear is what would happen if we did pull out. Can you imagine the terror the people of Iraq and the rest of the Middle East will suffer if we do? The same fate that happened to Europe, and the Far East before we were forced into war. Brutal. Korean, Chinese, and Filipinos forced into slavery and prostitution. Jews and anyone who disagreed executed either immediately or through the concentration camps.

I, for one, have no problem at all comparing Iraq to Germany or Japan. If we pull out now, we will regret it for generations to come. All I ask is that you look at the big picture. It's more than power and oil.

Steve Underwood


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