Sex-toys article was in poor taste

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, August 28, 2006

The First Amendment gives us the right to free speech, and you've shown this boldly today with last week's Hooligan ("Nautical but nice: Hooligan's very own sex-toy story").

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Let me retort with my First Amendment right: As an avid reader, I've enjoyed reading the Juneau Empire objectively, in addition to other various news sources. Nonetheless, when I pick up a newspaper I expect to read news, not something I might find in Penthouse magazine.

Don't get me wrong, I am an avid lover of sex and its pertinent aspects, but there is a time and a place. In a newspaper where small children of reading age and teens can easily access this article from their parents, local coffeehouse, school library, etc., I find it in very poor taste that you present sex toys in your main feature of the Hooligan.

In my opinion, the intimate aspects of a marriage, with or without toys, are not something that should be downplayed or degraded by being printed in a newspaper with color pictures. If toys or any aspect thereof are needed in an intimate relationship, I find that most adults know where to purchase these items, which makes me come to the conclusion that either you are treating adults like children who need a road map and phone number to add a little spice to their sex lives. Or, you are like a teenage child who thinks that dying his hair blue will gain you a reaction, whether negative or positive. Obviously you've gained my reaction, and I am very disappointed on your moral outlook of your readers, such as young children and teenagers.

I understand that people make mistakes, and I hope that, as the editor, you'll be a little more conscious that all your readers aren't over the age of 18 and should enjoy their childhood without being sexualized any more than necessary by TV, video games, magazines, etc., especially not by the local family newspaper.

Seraphim Leon Jarrett


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