Gov. Murkowski made three big mistakes

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, August 28, 2006

The primary elections proved one thing, that Gov. Frank Murkowski lost big time by not listening to the people and legislators when he should have. He made three mistakes: The first was shortly after taking office, when he cut the Longevity Bonus. The second was the purchase - over the objection of legislators and the public - of the controversial jet plane. The third, in my opinion, was the gas pipeline deal, where Murkowski would not reveal the content of the agreement with the oil companies involved until after the deal was finalized with no way to alter it at a later date and most likely a disaster for Alaska. As it stands now, it is still not finalized, and we are not hurt yet; it could have been a totally different outcome.

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The next governor should be a little more in touch with the people, remember that we are the ones who put you in office and the ones who have the power to remove you.

I have been a longtime Republican, but I could not cast my vote this time for Frank Murkowski. He made a good senator, but I cannot say the same as governor.

Bud Womack


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