Use permanent fund to make us millionaires

Posted: Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Alaska Permanent Fund reached a milestone of $70 billion this year. If the state wants or needs this fund for Alaska infrastructure and general fund, why not offer a buyout of the fund to the people of Alaska again?

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The state could offer $1 million dollars to each of its 650,000 citizens, making every Alaskan a millionaire, and still have $63 billion left over to earn a dividend to fund the state's general fund. By doing this, Alaskans could say to the state that there should never be any new taxes put on its citizens and demand a certain percentage be used to lower property taxes statewide.

Write your legislators and senators and ask them to let Alaskans vote again on a buy-off of the fund so that the State can fund the things it needs to fund without taxing its citizens. It's time for Alaskans to vote on a one-time payoff and let the fund pay for state infrastructure.

Thomas Baxter


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