School district gives report card, gets positive parent input
The school district is working on better communication with parents and the community and hosted a summit Thursday evening at Thunder Mountain High School.

Arctic Games committee building momentum
The Juneau Arctic Winter Games Committee is building momentum for a push to submit a bid for the 2014 Arctic Winter Games.

High-speed Internet on its way to rural areas
Several areas of Alaska currently without high-speed Internet access will soon be able to speedily surf, thanks to new stimulus funds.

Juneau brings aviation safety to the world
The Federal Aviation Administration wants to take its most modern aviation technology nationwide, and eventually worldwide, after having pioneered it in Juneau.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire reported:

Photo: A cold leap
Charlie Gallant launches off the railing at Marine Park to the entertainment of friends and tourists on Thursday.

APOC right to investigate possible violations from anti-Pebble mine group
The following editorial first appeared in the Anchorage Daily News:

Presidential run in future for Palin?
From Alaska to Georgia, Sarah Palin has pursued a familiar political path this year, endorsing Republican candidates and picking up political chits.

Health care bill gives economic relief to most Americans, small businesses
SEATTLE - As we continue to slowly climb out of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, I am constantly taking stock of what Congress must do to put us back on the path to prosperity.

Health care bill strips benefits, stymies innovation and hikes costs
ALEXANDRIA, Va. - The American people were promised they would save money and their jobs and health insurance would be more secure if health reform passed. But the promises already are being broken, and workers will pay the price for ObamaCare's failures.

Dare to draw
One indispensable habit for a wildlife spy is keeping files on suspects. A field journal that includes sketches is a handy way to keep track of what you see, especially if you spot an unknown animal.

Kayaking pair to paddle 1,300 miles
After paddling for more than three months, roughly 1,300 miles and being half damp, mostly hungry and often sore, Katey Clautice wants only one thing for her birthday: a hamburger complete with candle.

Three vignettes tell tales of summer
Worming my way through the throngs of tourists, who were jabbering in at least four different languages, I could finally peer over blockading shoulders and outstretched arms complete with cameras. And there they were, the objects of all this attention: a female black bear with three tiny cubs of the year. Both tourists and bears were well-behaved. The bears lolled about between the platform and Steep Creek, occasionally nibbling on a leftover bit of sockeye.

Weekly Whale Feature: 'Lucky'
"Lucky" was the name by which I knew him. And as I sorted through my 2006 whale watching pictures, trying to identify the different whales, I came across one tail that looked a bit beat-up and ragged. It was mostly black with some white blotches here and there, there was a tear on the right fluke and the center notch was a bit ripped up.

Fly fishing report
It might seem a little earlier than usual, but good numbers of silvers are in the rivers and along beaches in Gastineau Channel. If I had to guess, I would say this is going to be a good silver year for fly fishermen, and here's why: The Golden North Salmon Derby had substantially more silvers turned in than the 5-year average, silvers are still being caught on the Outer Coast and they are in freshwater early. This seems to point to a really robust run this year, which we are all in favor of.

Sport Fish report
Sport fish report for the week of Aug. 23

Today, Aug. 27

Wild shots
Submit your wild shots

Alaska State Fair opens in Palmer
PALMER - A moose-calling contest is a new feature at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer.

Brown spokeswoman brushes off Palin's criticism
BOSTON - A spokeswoman for Republican Sen. Scott Brown is brushing off criticism from Sarah Palin, who questioned his credentials as "a hard-core constitutional conservative."

Abortion help offered to pregnant Alaska teens
ANCHORAGE - The biggest abortion provider in Alaska, Planned Parenthood, has created a website to help teens meet the requirements of the ballot measure approved in Tuesday's election.

Alaskans lead nation in credit card debt
ANCHORAGE - A credit reporting agency says Alaskans lead the nation in credit card debt with an average balance of more than $7,100.

Man convicted of double homicide
ANCHORAGE - A jury has convicted an Anchorage man of killing two people.

Falcons digging in
They might not set the world on fire, but the Falcons plan to display a new-found confidence and swagger in the second season of Thunder Mountain volleyball.

2010 Bears focusing onfirepower
The Crimson Bears have been the dominant force in Southeast volleyball since before any of the 2010 seniors were born, and Juneau-Douglas has the pieces in place to keep that long-standing tradition of excellence going.

Bears, Falcons both on the road
The Crimson Bears' 3-0 record this football season does not reflect the adversity they've been through over the first several weeks.

Miller cites 'common sense' voters for Sen.
ANCHORAGE - A conservative Alaska lawyer credits his primary vote lead over U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski largely to "common sense" voters dissatisfied with the direction taken by Congress and President Barack Obama.

Alaskans sound off on Arctic offshore drilling
ANCHORAGE - Alaska's U.S. senators urged the Obama administration Thursday to get Arctic Ocean offshore petroleum development back on track.

Two Juneau attorneys in bid for U.S. District court judge
Juneau attorneys Leslie Longenbaugh and Mark Handley are among the 19 candidates from around the state who have submitted their names for consideration for appointment to the seat currently held by U.S. District Court Judge John W. Sedwick of Anchorage, who is moving to senior status on March 13, 2011.

Alaska's statewide primary election results
U.S. Senate - R

CSU releases $75K Palin contract, per court order
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A California university on Thursday released Sarah Palin's contract for a June speech in order to comply with a court order.

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