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Posted: Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Haines residents continue to hand out leaflets to cruise ship passengers touring Glacier Point, with their most recent effort on Thursday, Aug. 17.

The residents, who call themselves the Haines Peacekeepers, are protesting the impact that large-scale tourism has on remote state lands near Glacier Point, about 10 miles south of Haines, and nearby Davidson Glacier.

The group considers commercial operator Chilkat Guides to be the key offender.

"As local residents, we just want some quiet times and the opportunity to continue to travel to this remote spot and view the glacier and the bears rather than see a constant stream of planes on the beach and motorized boats in the lake," Tim Shields, spokesperson for the Haines Peacekeepers, said in a news release.

According to an article in the Chilkat Valley News, Chilkat Guides owner Bart Henderson said the leaflets are unfair. He said he's tried to vary his flight pattern to reduce airplane noise and he's looking into transporting some tourists by boat next year.

"They're trying to force their opinion on the public. It's tacky. It's not community-minded. So far, at its public hearings, the state has found that our tours (are not a problem)," he said.

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