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Posted: Wednesday, August 29, 2001

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I am still laughing over John Bishop's charge that the Democrats have a penchant for electing leaders with less than sterling characters. He's obviously forgotten the Republican's 1998 nominee for governor.

If he remembered, the Republicans insisted on a closed primary so their nominee won't be tainted with any crossover Democrat votes. That's how they got John Lindauer as their nominee. He's so disgraced himself and his party with lies and illegal campaign contributions that he has been banned from Alaska politics for life! Not even the Democrats can top that.

Judy Crondahl

I am disturbed and maybe outraged by the proposal to turn 1,500 acres of public land over to the Alaska Lighthouse Association at Point Retreat, which is valued at an estimated $4 million. Since I doubt Sen. Ted Stevens will make a similar offer to me and my friends if we started our own nonprofit, I recommend that we all consider becoming members of the Alaska Lighthouse Association. Perhaps with an additional 20,0000 to 30,000 members throughout Southeast Alaska, we could have an input in how the land is managed. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Marty Marshall

To those folks that want to take away my fish and game: If they are successful, then I should be allowed to take away their Big Macs, pizzas and hot dogs.

That's my food you are fooling with!

John Morris

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