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Posted: Thursday, August 29, 2002

Negative campaigning has already begun. I received a letter signed by Tim Grussendorf making wild insinuations about Bruce Weyhrauch's campaign contributions. By narrowly arranging numbers, he painted a distorted picture of Mr. Weyhrauch's campaign contributors. He then said, "This concerns me for a number of reasons - it should you too."

As of Aug. 23, Bruce Weyhrauch raised $28,352 in contributions from 140 donors. Individual contributions ranged from $10 to $500. We raised $20, 222 of that total, or 71 percent, right here in Juneau. Bruce's personal friends and family from out-of-state contributed $1,650, or about 6 percent of the total. Another $3,845, or about 14 percent, came from other Southeast communities or folks who have businesses in Juneau. The balance of $2,635, or about 9 percent, came from other Alaskans, including folks living in Anchorage, who are interested in seeing Bruce elected to the Legislature.

Broad community support, support of friends and family, and support from folks who provide jobs to our community are not things that good candidates fear. Bruce Weyhrauch's diverse donor list proves he has the ability to represent Juneau and work well with other Alaskans to meet our collective needs.

What concerns me - and it should you too, is when candidates hold other Alaskans up as people to distrust and fear. This is not a very productive way to build support for Juneau. We need to build bridges to the rest of Alaska so they will help us with our concerns.

Straight talk, fair play, passion for our community, hard work and experience are what we want to see in candidates. That is why I am proud to serve as the treasurer for Bruce Weyhrauch for State Representative, District 4.

Andrew J. Meiners


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