Timely timber sale

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Thursday, August 29, 2002

Good news from the Forest Service. A timber sale is in the works for the Couverden area. This is an area that has a lot of infrastructure in place - roads, a barge-loading facility and camp site. This provides a great opportunity for the Forest Service to advertise an economic timber sale, much needed by the timber industry.

Public use and management of the area will be enhanced with a timber operation on site. Roads will be graded and drainage structures maintained, all in conjunction with the operation of the sale.

Given the positive results of a successful timber offering at Couverden, it is hard to understand the negative comments out of Juneau. The anti-development, lock-up-the-Tongass attitude continues.

Hopefully, this will be ignored by the land managers and they will get on with the job they are charged with - managing, not locking up the land, and providing recourses for the economic well-being of Southeast Alaska.

George Woodbury

Alaska Forest Association


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