BioBlitz a success

Posted: Sunday, August 29, 2010

The first Southeast Alaska BioBlitz was held in Juneau this summer with over 400 people joining scientists to examine the diversity of life in the Fish Creek Valley on Douglas Island. The event was a blend of science, education and celebration of biodiversity in our own backyard. Over 797 species were identified. The results are now tallied and available on the ADF&G website at:

We would like to thank all of the scientists and naturalists who led field surveys: Alison Cooney, Kristin Cox, Jon Felis, Darcie Neff, Cathy Pohl, Patty Rose and Mark Schwan; ADF&G: Bev Agler, Karen Blejwas, Sherri Dressel, Rod Flynn, Grey Pendleton, Dave Harris, Debbie Hart, Kyle Hebert, Caroline Jezierski, Doug Larsen, David Love, Jenny Stahl and Tom Schumacher; CBJ: Merrill Jensen; Discovery Southeast: Richard Carstensen, Bob Armstrong and Kathy Hocker; Juneau Audubon: Paul Suchanek; NOAA: Sue Walker, Chiska Derr, Pat Harris, K Koski, Mandy Lindeberg, John Moran, Bonita Nelson, John Thedinga, Alex Wertheimer and Bruce Wing; UAF: Molly Fox, Courtney Lyons, Jodi Pirtle, Miranda Westphal, Mark Wipfli, Ginny Eckert and Dana White; University of Alaska Museum: Derek Sikes; UAS: Sara Caldwell, Dave Gregovich, Kitty LaBounty and Sherry Tamone; U.S. Forest Service: Ellen Anderson, Gwen Baluss, Dave Barto, Dave Beatley, Koren Bosworth, David Butler, Melissa Cady, Brad Krieckhaus, Brian Logan, Don Martin, Darci Rivers-Pankratz, Mark Schultz and Mary Stensvold; U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Deborah Rudis and Neil Stichert.

A special thanks to the many individuals who contributed their time and energy before, during and/or after the event: Anne Sutton, Barb Adams, Beth Peluso, Beth Weigel, Brenda Chevis, Brian Glynn, Cam Byrnes, Carol Biggs, Carol Coyle, Carol Voneida, Dan Teske, Dana White, Darren Snyder, David Butler, Diane Tersteeg, Don MacDougall, Elayne Boyce, Erik Norberg, Faith Duncan, Frank Zmuda, Jake Turnbull, Jane Terry, Jeff Campbell, Jeffra Clough, Jennifer Abbott, Jeremy Johnson, Jon Didrickson, John Sisk, Jonathan Murphy, Karen Maher, Karl Wood, Laura Baker, Maria Moya, Melissa Cady, Melissa McCormick, Priscilla White, Rachel Despain, Rich Fernandez, Rich Mattson, Rico Worl, Rob Welton, Robert Sowers, Ruth Monohan, Sander Schivens, Scott Hinton, Sondra Stanway, Sue Alexander, TMHS Cheer Club, Travis Smith, Uzgar Didrickson, Vanessa Lane-Miller and to any others we have missed.

The event was a collaboration between the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center, City & Borough of Juneau, Juneau Economic Development Council, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service with support and participation by the following organizations: The Nature Conservancy, Alaska Geographic, Alaska Nature Connection, DIPAC, Discovery Southeast, Gastineau Guiding, Juneau Urban Forestry Partnership, Lda Kut Naax Sati'Yatx'i Dance Group, Sealaska Heritage Institute and UAF Cooperative Extension 4-H.

We're already looking forward to next year!

The BioBlitz Steering Committee: Karen Blejwas, Kristen Romanoff and Riley Woodford (ADF&G), Michael Goldstein (Alaska Rainforest Center/USFS), Kristi Kantola (USFS) Steve Brochmann (USFWS), Bonita Nelson (NOAA), Bob Vieth (JEDC) and Marc Matsil (CBJ)

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