Out with a bang

Posted: Sunday, August 29, 2010

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents, band students, faculty, office staff and administration from the past and present at Juneau-Douglas High School for all of their continued support, patience, dedication and hard work over the years. In particular I would like to thank the Juneau High School Band Boosters. For years this organization, through our generous community and businesses of Juneau, have funded a variety of fantastic travel opportunities for the band students. They have helped provide them and the director with extraordinary experiences we will all treasure for our entire lives. The JHSBB has also supplied the band program with much needed equipment and instruments when the school couldn't.

I am very grateful for my retirement party which we celebrated in mid-June. I send out a belated thank you to the following people: the organizers for this gala event were Suzanne Malter, Lisa Gollisek-Nankervis, Wilma Cooper, Lisa Kramer and Debbie Banaszak. Many of the other band parents brought food and drinks. Wilma Cooper was the founder of the official organization and is our JHSBB Band Parent Emeritus. Suzanne Malter and Lisa Gollisek-Nankervis have been part of the organization since its inception. Tim Banaszak and Maralee Guiher prepared a very entertaining slide show presentation for the party. A very special thank you goes out to Ron Maas, the entertainment coordinator, and to the Thunder Mountain Big Band. Ron has been a huge supporter of the band program. Thanks to Bill Paulick, Rick Trostel, Jack Hodges, David Grove and T.J. Hovest of the Juneau Brass Quintet. Bill and Rick have also been huge supporters in many ways. Thanks to Lisa Ray, Sandy Fortier, Kim Mix and Stevi Stinka of Flutatious (a flute quartet) and to the Doug Bridges Combo. These fine musicians provided an afternoon of wonderful non-stop entertainment. I would like to thank my colleagues Brian Van Kirk and Richard Moore and all of my friends and students for attending the party and for their continued support over the years. It was a great way to end an awesome career. If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me. Thanks again to everyone, including the community of Juneau, and I'll see you out there in the audience as I join the winsome world of retirement land. I'm proud to have been your JDHS Band Director.

Ken Guiher

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