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Posted: Wednesday, August 30, 2000

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My son just started sixth grade and I'm completely blown away by the fact that sixth graders are supposed to have calculators for math class. They should learn how to do math, not have a calculator do it for them.

Questions for the Planning Commission: Who requested the traffic circles on Taku Boulevard? Who paid for the installation? Who is paying for their removal? Do you expect me to pay for something I never wanted, never authorized and that ultimately was unsuccessful?

I disagree with the law that says a person can't pull a chum or pink salmon for a few seconds and replace it to the same location unharmed. You should see the joy and surprise on the face of a tourist, especially a young child, to see such a fish. I have witnessed this a few hundred times this summer. There's no harm to a fish that's mostly dead already.

Fish and Wildlife is sending a message to tour guide operators that it's OK to do it, just don't get caught and if you get caught we'll just slap your wrist. Fish and Wildlife should do its job. These guys need to be fined and an example set. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

The case of two young children being prohibited from playing music on a public street is just a small part of how our city limits and controls public performances. Anyone who performs in Marine Park must register in advance and pay a fee for performing in the park. Even the marching band which provides the most popular entertainment for the entire year must pay to perform for residents and visitors in a park that we own.

With a bunch of noisy tourists around and airplanes and helicopters flying, we got kids singing on the street. We can't have that. They should have brought out the SWAT team and thrown them in the slammer.

This is long overdue but many thanks to the Juneau Empire for reporting on the state soccer cup going on in Palmer in mid-August. It was a pleasure to be here in Juneau and reading about our kids playing up north and seeing how well they were doing.

Regarding the sales tax extension and the location of the ice rink, the assembly would have served the community better had they separated the tax extension projects instead of grouping them into one ballot measure.

Why haven't the eagles roosted on Mayflower Island this summer?

I still want to know why people who leave their garbage out aren't fined when bears get into the garbage.

The community lost one of its true treasures when the Aleut Princess went down.

How can the assembly justify raising the price for dog tags? This is discrimination against dog owners. Why don't they make cat owners pay for tags just like dogs, just like other cities and states do?

I was driving around today thinking about how beautiful it is around here. There weren't too many cars on the road and I was just trying to picture these roads stuffed full of RVs if we had a road out of here.

It's no wonder that fewer campers are using the local campgrounds, even with the new improvements. Juneau has been gaining a reputation among well-informed independent travelers as a tacky tourist trap to be avoided on a tour of Alaska's natural and cultural treasures.

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