A proper wlecome

Posted: Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Being new to Alaska, I decided that Monday would be a great day for photo opportunities and who knows, maybe my first bear. I took the "out the road" route. Following four cars and a school bus, I briefly looked down at my speedometer. By the time I looked up, traffic had stopped. I hit my brakes but lost them completely. I swerved to avoid colliding into the line of cars ahead of me. I just passed the school bus thinking I was home free when a black bear, the reason for the stopped vehicles, walked out in front of me. I swerved again to avoid hitting her. Using lower gears and the emergency brake, I finally came to a stop.

I thank the Great Lord above that no one was hurt. Now broken down on the side of the road, every car that was in that line didn't stop to see what had happened or to see if I was all right with the exception of one who offered no help. Twenty minutes later, Paul Thomas stopped with his pickup truck to see if I needed assistance. It turns out that he was a fellow New Yorker. He helped me off the road and went into town to get me a tow truck.

A half-hour later, Todd Richard's from Glacier Automotive arrived with his tow truck. Todd, his wife and his crew were very helpful in taking care of my situation and gave me a first-hand feel of what Juneau is all about. I just want to thank them for their help and kindness. I want to thank Paul Thomas for stopping, but most of all, I want to thank God that no one was hurt. As for the people who drove by thinking I was just a crazy New York driver, well, God bless them, too.

To put an end to my story, I saw my first bear. She was almost mounted on my bumper. Thank you Juneau, for your "good" people, which is the reason why I moved up here.

Thomas DiGiovanni

Auke Bay

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