Endless possibilities

Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2001

There they go again - those wacky Anchorage greenies and other fellow travelers bent on stopping development. This time though, they've gone too far. By filing a lawsuit to halt development of the national missile defense system in Alaska, the citizen activists in our state's biggest city have brought shame and much dishonor to Alaska. Besides, we might even miss out on a federal project of epic, if not entirely proven, proportions.

These peripatetic naysayers have a right to their opinions about the missile defense system, but couldn't they keep their views to themselves? Challenging development is obviously harmful to the economic future of Alaska. Shoot, all this commotion about deployment of a gigantic project that's going to create a big boom for a lot of us is just silly. Duh-ugh! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out, right?

Raising a stink about these kinds of projects is downright un-Alaskan and sends out a really bad message. Before you know it, folks down in Ketchikan will be convinced Anchorage is getting soft on development. Once the rot starts, it will never end. Next thing you know, they'll start talking about zoning in the Matanuska area. We've got to get a hold of this situation and turn things around!

People in Anchorage and up in Southcentral have to realize that stepping on the national missile defense system is really, really bad for Alaska. Anchorage has to get their greenies and other rabid types under control. I am so serious about this lack of control that I think we should all consider some sort of organized effort to collectively show them we mean business if they fail to get with the program up there. Maybe we should propose moving Elmendorf Air Force Base to Wasilla if Anchorage keeps letting those liberal types run wild in the court system trying to stop development. Or maybe we could start an initiative that would relocate the headquarters of the Alaska Railroad to Palmer.

Actually, the possibilities here are almost endless. Certainly we could spend time and energy getting those renegade folks to support all development. Maybe we can even find a good use for the abandoned shopping center up there in Wasilla. If we all work together toward a common goal, we can overcome almost anything.

Joe Geldhof


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