Governor treasonous; Empire editor naive

Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2001

How naive of you in your editorial of Aug. 29. The framers of our constitution made it difficult to change the constitution's protections, for majority and minority alike, so current whims and present day political correctness did not deny certain rights to all. One of those rights, in our constitution and really an underpinning of the entire American system, is the equal right to benefit from what the government holds for all of us. Those legislators who have stood up to mounting pressures of the current fad to make some citizens more equal than others are the heroes. Those politicians who connive for some short-term political gain deserve our condemnation.

What the governor did in giving up the sovereignty of the state by refusing his sworn duty to do what is right for all the citizens of the state should be condemned. Is it not odd that you claim to belong to the majority that now favors inequality and the segregation of the state's citizens into classes? Please get a grip. Go back to civics class. The fair and equal solution must succeed, no matter how difficult it may be to overcome this current political correctness notion of special subsistence rights for a few.

The U.S. Supreme Court, that has overturned the 9th Circuit every time on these Alaska issues that are attempting to tear the fairness of our constitution asunder, will do it again. I believe that is the real reason the governor is not appealing the case. The state would win. It would have happened again in the Katie John case, just as in the Indian Country case. We have a great constitution that mandates fair and equal treatment of all Alaska's citizens. That must be our rallying cry.

I do not want to take away Katie John's subsistence rights. I want fair and equal subsistence rights for all Alaskans. That is the right thing to do. Do not make me resent forever those who are made more equal than my family, friends and neighbors in Juneau, Anchorage and Fairbanks.

The governor could still do the right thing. He could still avoid committing treason by the violation of his oath of office and his promise to the citizens of this state to protect our constitution. The Alaska Supreme Court has now said on several occasions that our constitution means equal access. The governor has no excuse for not protecting our constitution.

Paul M. Hoffman


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