Shirley Davis Mowrey


Posted: Friday, August 30, 2002

Shirley Davis Mowrey died Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2002, at her home in Santee, Calif. She was born Oct. 29, 1925, in Juneau. She went to school in Juneau and spent much of her life in Alaska, California and New York.

Her early life was dedicated to music and drama. She worked on the staff of CBS in New York City during the early years of television, and was the only woman cellist on the Andre Kostelanetz show. She played with a quintet in the "Charm Time" television series, and was a solo cellist with the Merlin "Enchanted Strings," an all-women orchestra on Dumont television. She also acted in various television series on Dumont and NBC.

In the Los Angeles area, Mowrey gave cello and piano classes at her home. She also played the cello in various studio orchestras. She worked in sales and marketing for the last 20 years of her life.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Carol Beery and Trevor Davis, and two sisters. She is survived by her sister Connie Davis, two daughters and a son, two granddaughters and a grandson, and three nieces.

Celebrations of her life will be held in Santee, Calif., and Juneau, but dates have not been set.

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