Off the mark
I've been asked several times in the past days why we have not responded to the extensive coverage on Alaska Forest Association Director Owen Graham's presentation to the Chamber of Commerce last week.

What's happened to us?
It just sickens me what we have become as a nation and a people. We are killing everything that made us human, even the very planet we live on. We have become greedy, selfish, self-centered, inhuman and inhumane, take the money and run, get the next guy before he gets you, turn away at injustice and follow like sheep because it is too hard to stand up for what you believe in.

Tobacco tax is fair
Mr. Perkins indicated in his Aug. 28 letter that taxing tobacco is unfair, when in truth, it is fair for smokers to take responsibility for some of the problems created by tobacco.

Photo: Stroll on the beach
Megan Behnke, 10, left, and her mother, Larri Spengler, enjoy the sunshine while walking their dog, Skippy, on Thursday on the beach near the Thane Ore House. Behnke, who came home from vacation on a ferry late Wednesday night, gets to skip the first days of school to recuperate from a family trip to Wasilla, but said she'll be in class after Labor Day weekend.

Room to fly: Model plane society secures landing strip, flight area
People who fly airplanes in Juneau do not lack space in which to practice their skills. But those who fly model airplanes - much smaller structures that can be almost as complicated as their full-sized counterparts - have been looking for years for an official area from which to launch and land their planes

Quakers: Students' privacy rights aren't clear
The Juneau Friends Meeting, the local Quakers, says the Juneau School District hasn't made it clear that parents can direct schools to withhold information about their children from military recruiters but make it available to colleges.

Four face felony drug charges
Four people were charged in Juneau courts this week with felony drug crimes.

LIfe events

Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Police & Fire
Reports by Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

A Juneau resident remembers: The Rev. King's dream
Forty years after participating in one of the milestone events in U.S. civil rights history, McKie Campbell finds it challenging to separate his memories from the oft-shown footage of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech.

Photo: In the fight against cancer
Breast cancer survivors Ann Doty, left, and Bryn Nelson hug during the Longaberger Third Annual Horizon of Hope fund-raiser for breast cancer research Sunday, Aug. 24, at Glacier Gardens. The Longaberger company has invested $8.4 million in breast cancer research since 1995. Nelson, a 17-year resident of Juneau, is returning to Alaska from Spokane, Wash., for the 13th annual Beat The Odds Women's Race Against Breast Cancer, which takes place Saturday morning in conjunction with the Men's Prostate Run.

School Board race draws 12 candidates
Nine more Juneau School Board candidates filed Thursday, setting up a race that will feature 12 competitors for five seats. Election for School Board, mayor and Juneau Assembly is Oct. 7. Thursday was the last day to file.

Accommodating disagreement, visitors
This is your waterfront newsman. I am stationing myself on the Alaska Steam dock. It is 10 to 7 in the evening on Saturday, Aug. 23. I am waiting to see how many Juneauites go out to visit the Esperanza anchored in Gastineau Channel. This is the Greenpeace vessel, which some suggest is making an unsolicited invasion of Southeastern waters. Others say it is making a friendly tour to highlight the wonders of the Tongass National Forest.

Student recognition
Williams enlists.

Southeast sagas: Chief Aanyalahaash
Although the Auke Chief Kowee is the best-known chief whose lifespan overlapped Juneau's founding years, he is not the only one. Another leader in the area was the Chief of the T'aaku Kwaan, Annaclas or Anatlahash or An-Naa-Klosh. His name was rendered as Annaclas in the 1910 Census of Juneau, which also listed his wife, Jennie, born in 1848. The preferred spelling of his name, according to Steve Henrikson of the Alaska State Museum, is Aanyalahaash, meaning "floating in front of town." According to a newspaper article written on the day of his burial, he spoke only Chinook traders' jargon. It seems more likely that he spoke Chinook to Caucasians and Tlingits solely to those who understood Tlingit.

Andree and Grube to marry
Kimberly Chuongmee Andree and Christopher James Grube Jr., of Juneau will be married in a ceremony at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 30 at the Church of the Nazarene. Family and friends are invited to a reception following the ceremony.

Eckholm, Airhart wed in Montana
Kristin Eckholm of Juneau and Travis Airhart of Missoula, Mont., were married in a ceremony on June 14 at the Missoula Children's Theatre in Missoula.

Birthday, raffle and BBQ.

Lee and Yoder marry
Ben Lee of Juneau and Marcy Yoder were married in a ceremony on June 28, 2003, in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

My Turn: No need to revise history
As lifelong Alaskan, fisherman and, at various times in my misspent youth when I couldn't find anything intelligent to do, logger, I remember things a little different than William Tonsgard does. I don't believe revising the history of logging in Southeast Alaska does anything more than give the violent extremists like the Greenpeacers and lawsuit-happy Sierra Clubbers ammunition to keep things in an uproar.

My Turn: Head tax proponents misguided
Cruise ship head tax proponents are missing the boat. They say they want visitors to pay for Alaska's budget problems. But they're really telling cruise lines to sail on past our state so passengers will spend their money elsewhere.

Local Scores
Standings and Scores

Races raise funds to take on cancer
As many as 700 women and 150 men will take to the streets and trails near Mendenhall River School on Saturday morning in a pair of runs designed to promote cancer awareness and to help raise money for treatment.

Positive attitude
Of the 12 Juneau-Douglas High School varsity volleyball players that posted an undefeated season and won the school's first state title last fall, only two were not lost to graduation or injury over the past nine months.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Rally scoring debuts this fall in Alaska
Alaska high school volleyball teams will be constantly rallying this season, whether they're behind in the score or not. After being tested at select matches last fall, rally scoring makes its debut this week as the permanent, official scoring system for the state's prep volleyball teams. The decision to change was made earlier this year by the Alaska School Activities Association.

Surging Bears face familiar foe in Lynx
As the Juneau-Douglas High School football team prepared this week for tonight's game against the Dimond Lynx, the Crimson Bears didn't have to make major changes to the game plan they used to beat the Palmer Moose a week ago.

Headlines from around the state.

Attorneys present cases on primary ballot suit
Alaska's closed primary ballot system violates the constitutional rights of voters, candidates and political parties by restricting their right to associate, a lawyer said Thursday. Kevin Morford, a lawyer for two political groups trying to return Alaska to a more open ballot system, presented his case before Superior Court Mark Rindner.

This Day in History
In Alaska; In the nation; In the world.

Cruise ship passenger indicted on child sexual abuse charges
A Ketchikan grand jury Thursday returned a six-count indictment against a Washington state man, alleging he forced sexual relations on a 15-year-old boy while aboard a cruise ship near Juneau.

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