Coho salmon continue their strong run as kings start to fall off

Posted: Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Coho fishing remains great with last week's catch rate at four-rod hours per fish. Last year's rate was at three-rod hours per fish and the five-year average is also at four-rod hours per coho.

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Coho hot spots were the North Shelter Island, the backside of Douglas, Point Retreat and South Shelter Island.

Last week, Chinook catch rates were down, going to 144-rod hours per king. Last year, the catch rate was at 70-rod hours and the five-year average is at 97-rod hours per fish. Chinook hot spots were the backside of Douglas and Shelter Island.

As always, remember to have in your possession a 2006 fishing license and a king salmon stamp.

Harvest rates for halibut are still good, with an average of 6-rod hours per fish last week. Last year, the average was also at six-rod hours per fish and the five-year average is at nine-rod hours per halibut. Hot spots for halibut were Shelter Island, Lizard Head, Icy Strait, the backside of Douglas and Auke Bay.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced that king salmon sport fishing regulations in the hatchery terminal harvest area (THA) near Juneau will be liberalized to harvest surplus hatchery king salmon and will be in effect from June 1 through Thursday, Aug. 31. The regulations in this area are as follows: The daily bag and possession limit is four king salmon of any size; king salmon taken by nonresidents do not count toward their annual limit.

Anglers are reminded that once anglers harvest their daily bag limit within the THA they must cease king salmon fishing for the day.

In addition, once you have harvested a king salmon less than 28-inches long, you may not fish for king salmon outside the THA.

In addition, all freshwater drainages on the Juneau road system that are open to sport fishing will be open to king salmon fishing from June 1 through Thursday. The bag, possession and annual limit are the same as in the THA.

Snagging and the use of bait will be allowed in Fish Creek Pond.

The Juneau area (Section 11-A) personal use red and blue king crab summer season began July 1 and harvest permits are available online through the Alaska Department of Fish and Game licensing web page, (

Summer harvest permits are also available at the Douglas office at 802 3rd Street or by calling 465-4250. Before a new permit is issued, however, permits from the 2005 summer and 2005-06 winter seasons must be returned to the department, even if no king crab were harvested.

For further information concerning sport fishing opportunities or regulations in the Juneau area, please call the Division of Sport Fish at 465-4270.

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