Not all Juneau hotels take in homeless

Posted: Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'd like to offer some additional information to help avert the stigma on our local hotels that was mentioned in the Aug. 26 Juneau Empire editorial "Temporary Solution."

Unfortunately, Juneau's largest source of business travelers read on Aug. 25 in the Anchorage Daily News an article titled, "Homeless flu patients in Juneau will get hotel beds," which covered the dilemma regarding Juneau's homeless and sick.

I hope that we can make clear to Juneau and other Alaska residents with friends, family or business associates traveling to Juneau that not all of Juneau's hotels are participating in this program.

It is important to note that the City and Borough of Juneau has approved funding for a 30-day program only. The agencies involved are working with a single hotel in Juneau, and that hotel is working diligently with the American Red Cross to insure that any patients recovering there are housed in a separate section of the hotel. Patients will have a separate entrance and they will be provided in-room meal service. All precautions are being taken to keep patients separated from guests and hotel staff, who are being training on proper sanitation procedures.

The city, the associated agencies and our community will need to consider long-term alternatives to address this difficult situation. Travelers to Juneau that have any questions or concerns should contact their hotel directly.

Lorene Palmer


Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau

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