Thanks for supporting Camp Feather Winds

Posted: Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thanks to all of the donors, volunteers and business that helped make the summer of 2009 a great summer for Girl Scouts in Southeast Alaska at Camp Feather Winds and the community day camp programs.

Thanks to citizens of the city of Juneau through sales tax revenues translated into help from the Youth Activity Grant.

Thanks for the donations from Douglas Dornan Foundation, Sitka Alaska Permanent Charitable Trust, the Sitka Woman's Club, Ketchikan CHARR, Juneau CHARR, Sealaska Corporation, Juneau and Sitka Holland America community advisory boards, and United States Coast Guard Spouses & Women's Association.

Thanks to the many, many people who also supported the camp by the sale and purchase of Girl Scout cookies and those who made an additional donation to support the Girl Scout campership program so that every girl could attend camp.

Thank you to the incredible volunteers who made many, many lasting memories for all of the girls, taught us many things, hauled our gear, cooked our food, and taught us by their example.

Thanks to Kay Shoemaker and Carrie Heuberger, Camp Feather Winds directors. Thanks for yummy food from Kyle and Marcy Korytna and Brooke White, camp cooks. Cassandra Moore and Carey Johnson, the Camp Feather Winds program staff extraordinaire. And, a special thanks to all of the camp counselors who won our hearts and continued to surprise and inspire us - Mary Ann Kondro, Kristin Garot, Joy Lyon, Ariel Lyon, Alida Bus, Cherry Eckland, Alyson Cooper, Rebecca Gaguine, Emma-Lily Schmitz, Genevieve McLaughlin, Melanie Coleman, Colleen Allen, Christy Swigart, and Pam Kemble.

Special thanks to the amazing gear handlers, stuff toters, and people movers including Doug Eckland, TEMSCO Helicopters, Tye Thomson, Jeff, Char and Laci Boehm of Juneau U-Haul, Rebecca Parks (JEDC), Nate and Casey (SAGA), Tyler Gress and Kathleen Walsh (Rock Dump), Katie and George Trailmix, and Robin Gilgrest (UAS Construction). Thanks to Karen Mayer and the US Forest Service. Thanks also for the back up support of Construction Machinery International for was really there for us. Thanks to the behind the scenes people including Council staff Teresa Newton, Linda Sylvester and Jess Parks as well as the countless parents who housed girls, hauled gear, and continue support our Southeast Alaska girls. You rock!

And, to all of the Girl Scouts who came to camp and shared with us the best of times, may your wonderful summer memories keep you warm through the winter until we meet again at Camp Feather Winds 2010!

Julia Erickson

Camp Feather Winds 2009


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