Thanks from a small town called Hoonah

Posted: Sunday, August 30, 2009

From day one, since my family moved to Hoonah, the community has made us feel welcome. We never felt like strangers.

On March 10, our father, Mack Nakamura Sr., passed away. Five months later, our uncle passed, and week later, another family member. Some may have known them, some may have not.

Woosh-jee-een (Pulling together) is a word Hoonah has used in so many ways, even if it was a stranger in need.

Gunalcheesh, Marilyn Hillman, for all that you've done. Gunalcheesh, community of Hoonah, for your donations to the family.

Art Dennis, wife and family in Juneau, thank you all very much. The Nakamura girls in Hoonah would also like to thank the community of Hoonah. We always believed that if you give more than you take when you're in need, it will be there for you.

The Nakamura girls: Maxine, Josephine, Bettyann, Corrina and Joann Nakamura


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