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Posted: Friday, August 31, 2001

It was with great joy that I and many others read that Chuck Collins had filed to run for the areawide Juneau Assembly seat, as we know him to be a very personable, reasonable, honorable, plain-speaking individual who is extremely well-informed regarding the issues, and has a passion for positive change. Folks who know Chuck know that he is, as he says, a person who can fix problems. He is a good listener with thoughtful, constructive ideas, and would undoubtedly be a voice of reason and reconciliation; a stabilizing and uniting force in the Juneau Assembly.

Chuck not only has a passion for contributing to positive change, but a proven track record of doing so. He has excelled in business not only in Juneau, but all over Southeast Alaska. As an award-winning Ricoh service technician, living first in Ketchikan and Sitka before moving to Juneau, Chuck made friends with business owners, professionals and folks from all walks of life in communities from Ketchikan to Skagway. Few Juneauites I have met are as knowledgeable about our neighbors and their communities. While he could still be comfortably and successfully selling and servicing office equipment throughout Southeast, a few years ago Chuck took a bold step by opening his own business, Copy Express.

Chuck's willingness to take on the challenge and risk created jobs, and demonstrated his commitment to Juneau. Once again Chuck excelled in his chosen endeavor, allowing him to purchase Copy Works. He is a person who has the ability, desire, integrity, personality and determination to make good things happen for Juneau. Many readers will recall the outstanding job Chuck did as chairman of the Finance Committee for the recent Billy Graham associate crusade. If that is not a position of trust where a person's integrity and character must be absolutely above reproach, I do not know of one that is.

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Jim Powell, and do not question his integrity or character, as other writers have done. Mr. Powell is to be commended for his service to Juneau. However, he has had his turn.

It's time for a fresh new voice with a clear vision and positive ideas for Juneau's future. On Oct. 2, vote for change. Vote for integrity.

Vote for common sense in local government. Vote Chuck Collins for areawide Juneau Assembly Member.

Guy J. Crockroft


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