Dispatch with alacrity

Posted: Friday, August 31, 2001

Bears are creatures that can be trained. It is taught by its mama to either fish and eat berries, beach grass, etc., or eat garbage. Once a bear becomes accustomed to the free lunch of garbage eating, they are no longer willing to forage for food. Fear of humans is a natural trait, lack of this fear is dangerous because of the unpredictability of the animal. Over the years I've seen many methods employed to deal with bears, from transplantation to animal psychics, none of them successful.

In my opinion, the sad reality is, that garbage bears must be dispatched with alacrity before someone, probably a kid, gets hurt. I also believe that an even greater issue exists, when public policy is changed in response to an emotional issue, i.e. the shooting of the sow and cubs, as opposed to the rational analysis of the problem. Let's base our solutions on the reality of the problem, not on wishful thinking.

Andy Massey


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