Radical green rally cry

Posted: Friday, August 31, 2001

Lie, exaggerate, divide, confuse, harass, intimidate, sabotage, terrorize, maim, even kill.

No, I'm not talking about Marx's Communist Manifesto where any means justifies their end. I am describing the anti-development/save-the-environment movement where the above words justify their end.

Remember when they predicted the oil pipeline would be an oil sprinkler system? Or how it would stop the caribou migration? That clear-cutting would ruin the watersheds, ruin the salmon runs? Or how they would ruin the wildlife and tourism? And that we would have to look at stumps for the rest of our lives? Or that destruction by development of the Greens Creek Mine would outweigh the economic benefit?

Now the latest cry out of Juneau is "Save the Taku" from Canadian developers. Stop the road from Atlin to save the watershed. Stop the mines to save the salmon. Stop the mine from scarring the landscape and thus ruining tourism.

Their scare and economic tactics are endless. Never mind that Canada is a sovereign, democratically elected nation with a strong environment policy. Never mind that 99.9 percent of the Taku River watershed is in Canada. Never mind that 99.9 percent of the Taku River salmon spawn in Canada. Never mind that Alaskan fisherman catch the vast majority of these returning salmon. Does the word "selfish" also belong in the Radical Environmental Manifesto? I think so.

David Werner


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