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Posted: Friday, August 31, 2001

I was glad to see the paper was writing about the importance of warning people about climbing the mountains around here and the dangers involved. The only thing I would hope for was that, in addition to that, the cruise ships would let people know that although the mountains look beautiful and inviting, they are really deadly unless people are prepared.

Suzanne Haight


The Forest Service is thinking of expanding access to off-road vehicles on Juneau trails and in backcountry areas. Nine places have been recommended and eight others are still being considered. Included is an access road to Spaulding Meadows and the use of nearly all of our pristine meadows throughout Juneau.

The wide use of ATVs and snowmobiles in our priceless wilderness will destroy our fragile soil and disturb wildlife, hunters, hikers, skiers, fisherman and bird watchers.

An environmental impact study needs to be done. Please write to the Juneau Ranger District before Sept. 4 at mscholten@fs.fed.us and express your views on off-road vehicle access.

Sylvia Gard


To the person who killed the sow in Lemon Creek with a bow and arrow. I ask that you come forward and fess up to what you did. Maybe you were protecting yourself or your family or maybe your pet. If so, come forward and tell the tale and we'll take it as such. But otherwise we are going find you.

I would like to ask anyone else in the trailer park if you hear anything to call Fish and Game to let them know because this kind of thing shouldn't be tolerated.

The Urban Bear Patrol watched the sow for a couple of weeks and she was never aggressive. She was just eating garbage, garbage was there because people weren't taking care of it. There was no reason for her to die especially needlessly. The way you shot her with the kind of arrow you used, she probably suffered for quite a while. So you didn't do anyone any favors. So either come forward and tell what you did or everyone else in the neighborhood should put the spotlight on him because this is unacceptable behavior.

People can contact the Urban Bear Patrol in confidence at www.juneaubears.com if they have any information.

Mark Farmer


I love you John Bishop.

Linda Fickus

(Lest any reader be confused, the recent expressions of love in Word of Mouth are endorsements of sentiments that previously appeared in print from other callers and letter writers. This form of expression next will be allowed to appear in WOM on Feb. 14, 2002. Mark your calendars. - Editor)

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