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Posted: Thursday, August 31, 2006

In response to Ms. Duncan's attack (Aug. 25) against my My Turn of Aug. 21, I wish to rebut several items that she brought up.

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First and foremost, it is Mrs., not Mr. Flanders.

Second of all, Ms. Duncan lives in Anchorage. Not that I am discounting her opinion, but it is highly hypocritical to attack someone's opinion about the place they live in and it's flaws in transportation when she can easily and cheaply leave Anchorage by plane or car - something us Juneauites cannot do. She has a pick of several other airlines to choose to fly on; we have to use Alaska Airlines just to get out. The reason that other companies are not here is not competition, it's because Alaska Airlines lowers its price until the competition can no longer reasonably make a profit. This was seen with Mark Air. Alaska Airlines also gets subsidies to offer access to isolated communities throughout Alaska, and still their prices are high. If Ms. Duncan lived in Juneau, she would know that.

Thirdly, if the road is not the most important thing concerning citizens of Juneau, what is? She failed to cite any examples other than the person we choose should be committed to working on issues for the whole state. I beg to differ. If the road out of Juneau isn't something that affects the whole state, what does? She again gives no examples. I am saddened by the approval of Sarah Palin as the Republican candidate for governor. She has publicly stated that she would like to move the Legislature somewhere else while keeping the "stars and stripes" in Juneau. I told you, the person we chose as governor was going to move the capital out of Juneau, one office at a time, and it looks like I was right.

A road out of Juneau would help keep the Legislature here and Juneau a great place to live. If not, what else will we depend on (fishing, tourism)? It won't be enough, and Juneau will become another liberal Sitka. And if that happens, I will be for sure moving down south. And you can bet it won't be on an Alaska Airlines jet.

Nickie Flanders


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