Backing Sarah all the way to November

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, August 31, 2006

I campaigned and voted for John Binkley for the Republican nomination for governor. I thought Binkley would represent Alaska with a firm and steady hand open to all voices that makeup Alaska. It was Sarah Palin who received the nod to represent the Republican Party as the nominee for Alaska's next governor, because she has brought together the people of Alaska with her energy and vision.

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Sarah has put to rest my fear of a Capitol move by indicating that Juneau should remain the capital of Alaska but that the Capitol belongs to all Alaskans and should be reasonably accessed. Sarah is for the development of Alaska's resources with the contingency that the resources benefit Alaska as a whole and not the few.

Sarah has done what few thought possible by winning the Republican nomination for governor. Alaska now has the opportunity to elect a governor who has the energy and dynamics to take Alaska into the future, instead of conducting business as usual. It is about time that Alaska had a woman for governor.

Jody Vick


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