We are losing our way because of politics

Posted: Monday, August 31, 2009

As a parent who has a child in the Juneau School District, I'm disappointed in what I'm seeing. All other school districts started class earlier than ours.

Giving last year's ninth-grade class computers to learn with was a big joke; every child I talked too said it was more of a distraction than a learning tool.

If the School District already is testing athletes for drugs, why not test everybody that walks the halls of learning? Teachers, administrators and those operating dangerous tools should be tested.

I'm starting to think this district is run by liberals, and drug testing just goes to show that liberals are in charge.

The government wants to run your life if you let it. Liberals are behind this.

We have drug problem when someone comes to town with crack and only gets a slap on the wrist; probably another liberal judge gave him that. Oh, I forget - he can be rehabilitated. Laugh out loud, then look at his past record.

This $50 cruise ship head tax, is another liberal agenda. Look what it's doing to tourism. We as a society are losing our way because of dumb politics. Limit this nonsense with term limits, and don't allow more than eight years for anybody in politics.

Doug Cooper


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