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Posted: Friday, September 01, 2000

One of my rear tires blew out on Egan Drive. I called my sons for help. Before one arrived, two young men pulled over separately to offer help and make sure I was OK. A police officer also pulled over to help and put out flares. As my son was changing the tire, another young man stopped and offered tools as needed. Just saying "thank you" doesn't seem enough. These people made me feel safe. I want them to know that and to thank you for this column.

Thanks Juneau police Department and officer Van Sickle for doing your job by keeping the law even though it isn't popular.

Thanks to the person who found my checkbook on the floor of the Federal Building and put it in my post office box.

I am an eighth-grade student at Floyd Dryden Middle School and a Christian. I just want to say that nothing is forced upon anybody at school and if somebody wants to wear a cross, they can.

It's unfortunate that someone is upset by the Pledge of Allegiance at Floyd Dryden School but if they are, maybe they should leave the school and take their child with them.

To the person who expressed concern over the Pledge of Allegiance, it is a God-given right to believe in God.

I applaud Floyd Dryden Middle School and the principal for providing some dignity and respect in the school.

It would be good to take a lesson on the Constitution. Separation of church and state was intended to keep government out of our religion not the church and God out of the schools.

Praise to Floyd Dryden Middle School for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, including the phrase, "under God." This country was built on Biblical principles.

I am glad to hear that students were saying the Pledge of Allegiance at Floyd Dryden Middle School. I think that's missing in a lot of schools and we need to do it more. As for the principal wearing the cross around her neck, she is entitled to. We have freedom of religion here.

I work at Floyd Dryden Middle School. The Pledge of Allegiance hasn't been cited all school year yet. Second, the children have a choice to say the Pledge of Allegiance or not and they're told that. They're also given the choice to say "under God" or not.

To the parents of children in Sweitzer Village who do not enforce a school-night bed time, please respect those of us who do and keep your kids off the street after 9 p.m.

Ignorance of the Fish and Game laws is no excuse for Athabaskan tour guide Don Carlo who pulled the salmon out of Salmon Creek. Most Alaskan Natives are taught to not play with their food. We are taught to show respect for the animals, especially the ones we eat.

I don't understand the uproar over pulling a nearly dead fish out of the water for pictures. How does a trivial act like this compare to illegal harvest? Save the heavy enforcement for a real threat.

I think it would be a great service to the community if people who allow their dogs to run at large would get them under verbal control each time a biker or runner or walker passes so they are aware the dog is of no danger. I'd also like to remind people to scoop.

I've noticed quite a bit of litter on the lawns and streets near JDHS since school started. Perhaps parents could talk to their kids about picking up after themselves.

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