Juneau volleyball teams dominate Sitka Jamboree

Posted: Sunday, September 02, 2001

Four Juneau-Douglas High School volleyball teams all finished with winning records at the Sitka Jamboree held Friday and Saturday at Sitka High School.

Juneau co-coach Dale Bontrager said the Crimson Bears split their 32 players into four different squads of eight players each, with a mixture of varsity, junior varsity and C team players on the various squads. He said Sitka also had four teams and Ketchikan had three teams at the jamboree, for a total of 11 at the preseason event.

The teams played a series of round-robin mini-matches, where they play two games against each team in their pool instead of a a series of regulation best-three-games-out-of-five matches.

The Juneau One team posted a perfect 12-0 record in its round-robin games, while the Juneau Two and Juneau Three teams both posted 10-4 records. The Juneau Four squad, which Bontrager said was all freshmen, finished with a 7-5 record.

"We did real well," Bontrager said. "There was no real winner or anything, but the Juneau One team went 12-0. It gave us an opportunity to see what our competition's like and a chance to work on things without the pressure of wins and losses."

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